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​​​​​No Time Like Now - Release date March 10, 2017 (NYC, NY) • Mar 7, 2017

“If you like a whole lot of energy with your blues, you’re in luck. No Time Like Now, the new release from Canadian artist Strongman, is an album that delivers everything you want in 21st-century, raw, electrified blues and nothing that you don’t want. It is musically swampy, fuzzy, hazy and sweaty. At the same time it is lyrically frank and emotionally clear.”

Don & Sheryl’s Blues Blog (Nashville, TN) • Mar 6, 2017   

“A mighty fine set of blues in all shades… [from] one of Canada’s most fiery performers… Raw, powerful, straight-up blues is the order of the day in No Time Like Now!”

Midwest Record (Lake Zurich, IL) • Mar 3, 2017

“This Canadian white boy with the blues simply knows how to entertain and put on a show. One of the top blues rock guitar slingers from the frozen north, even his rough edges are professionally hewn. A cat you can appreciate because he shows love and respect for his audience, he's so pro he entertains you without you realizing you're being given a show. Smoking stuff that does commercial in a most exciting way. Well done.”

VIEW Weekly • Ric Taylor • Mar 2, 2017

“There’s an urgency and sensuality that permeates Steve Strongman’s brand new collection of songs No Time Like Now… The songs are as polished and as powerful as we’ve come to expect from the multi-Maple Blues Award and Juno Award-winning guitarist and songwriter, but this time out, the songwriting in particular is more modern and engaging… Strongman bursts out from his traditional blues routes and offers a sexy blues rocker of an album that is easily his best effort yet.”

Great Dark Wonder

“Already a well-regarded blues musician, Hamilton, ON-based Steve Strongman has released a new single, “No Time Like Now,” featuring a striking rock sound – an enjoyable, but not surprising, departure for the award-winning artist.”

The Rocktologist (Slovenia) • Feb 26, 2017

“An acid blues rock wafer, soaked in scabrous wit and heaps of attitude… No Time Like Now

is a feral mix of swampy rock, soul and even gospel, all wrapped up in… electrifying blues…. Strongman delivers the goods with emotional potency and resourcefulness that’s hard to match.… the record marks Strongman’s importance as a modern day blues troubadour.”

The Hamilton Spectator • Graham Rockingham • Feb 17, 2017

“It's not always easy to break out of the blues, the musical kind anyways. Blues purists can be some of the worst snobs. You know the type … if it doesn't sound like Muddy Waters, then it ain't the blues. The only problem with that attitude is that it can be a tad confining … even a little boring. Sometimes a blues lover has just gotta stretch. That's just what Steve Strongman has done on his new album "No Time Like Now." The 10 tracks on the record… are still based in the blues. But they also rock more … far more … than any of the Juno-winning blues man's previous solo albums.”


SOCAN Words & Music • David MacPherson • Feb 17, 2017

“The blues course through Strongman’s veins and flow from his fingers every time he picks up his Gibson electric guitar.… Strongman offers nine original songs steeped in the blues, but that also rock out, and boast layers of soul. The only cover is a swampy take on Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”


FYI Music • Kerry Doole • Jan 17, 2017

“This scorching title track…showcases Strongman’s skills as an electrifying guitarist, while his vocal performance is equally convincing.”

“This record was a challenge to make because we definitely wanted to push the boundaries of what Steve had done before,” says producer/co-writer Rob Szabo. “We experimented, we tinkered, we argued, we agreed, and in the end I think we got something that’s very different from anything he’s ever done but still 100% Strongman. I have to hand it to Steve for having the courage to push his limits as much as he did.”

Let Me Prove It To You

"A wickedly strong follow-up to his last wickedly strong follow-up, designed to remove your socks from your feet"
-Penguin Eggs

"This is shot-belting party music and probably the strongest of Strongman's five albums"
-Graham Rockingham - Hamilton Spectator

"Steve Strongman invites you into the blues with exceptional musicianship, superb song crafting, and a very personable delivery.  So much so that you'll want to sing, drink and dance through the whole album"
-Earshot Online - Shelley Gummeson

"The opener is a stunning rocker - "There's Something Goin' On" is a 'there's mule kickin' in my stall' song with a slide hook to die for and a great chorus (with Emma-Lee)
-Maple Blues Magazine - John Valenteyn


A Natural Fact

"With “ Natural Fact,” Steve Strongman is well on my way to becoming my new favourite Canadian bluesman and definitely a hidden treasure everyone should discover, like many people including Buddy Guy, Joe Cocker and Randy Bachman already have."
-  Richard Amery, L.A. Beat 

“Even if you’re not into blues music at all, I would suggest that you stop in and see this guy live, anyway. You don’t have to be a fan of the music to know that there aren’t going to be many times in your life that you’ll see someone play who has a command of their instrument the way Strongman does.” 
- Velvet Rope Magazine

"The combination of great vocals and guitar technique along with fine arrangements and production values make this a prime contender for the blues-inflected singer-songwriter arena. Steve’s guitar playing, whether finger-picking or slide propels the songs along giving a bluesy-feel throughout.Give this record a try and you’ll find much to like here." 
- The Blues Blast Magazine

"A Natural Fact is my first intro to Steve Strongman, and wow what a intro it was, as he has quickly shot to the top of my favorite Canadian artists list. The CD gets my highest rating of 5*****, but some how I wished I could of ever given it more. Highly recommended and thoroughly enjoyed."
-  John Vermilyea, Blues Underground Network


Blues In Colour

 "Steve Strongman's new CD 'Blues In Colour' is one of the strongest Canadian releases in a long time. It's on my Galaxie BluesTime Top 10 and getting lots of airtime on CBC Radio. The spirit of Mel Brown lives on with the soulful, precise and always tasteful guitar playing of Steve Strongman. He's also a natural singer and gifted harp player who writes great original material."
Holger Petersen, Host - Saturday Night Blues, CBC Radio 

"Following his performance at last year's Festival in the Guitar Explosion concert, Steve Strongman found himself with a whole new crew of admirers. It's no surprise to find him back on the bill this year: he brings impeccable blues-rock guitar melodies, emotion-charged vocal harmonies, stylized and authentic compositions, and a warm and vivid stage presence. His second album, Blues in Colour, was released this spring to a sensational response! Make way for the Strongman!"
- Frederic Poulin, Montreal Jazz Festival - 2009

"Honey is as tight a blues guitar album as you'll find anywhere in this country."
Graham Rockingham, Hamilton Spectator

"The songs truly bristle with energy, showcasing everything Strongman has been renowned for, but magnified ten-fold."
Ric Taylor, View Magazine

"Steve is widely revered amongst musicians as a guy who can truly do it all: an electrifying performer whose stage presence is second to none, a fantastic vocalist, and a guitarist of awesome technique and artistry. With his fabulous CD Honey, you can add great songwriting to this list of reasons why Steve Strongman is so greatly admired."
Dave Murphy (piano, harp - Jeff Healey Band)

"I first heard Steve at a local Hamilton bar a few years ago. He blew me away with his talent and musical expertise. When I heard he was cutting a record, I knew right then I had to be involved. Thankfully we hooked up and the rest is history. Steve's music exhibits soulfulness beyond his years. He has paid his dues, refined his skills and is truly one to be mentored!
- Terry Townson, trumpet - Delbert McClinton, Colin Linden, Colin James Little Big Band.